Education & Research

Education to me is the development of a person in terms of knowledge, skill and attitude in a specific area/subject. Knowledge is power, skill makes you master and attitude of disseminating knowledge in a skilled manner creates a man a learned person or a laurel.
Nutrition is fundamental right of a person, but also people have become health freak and obese but hardly well nourished. Food is in abundance in production but bodies are deprived of nutrients just due to poor nutrition. Finding factors affecting malnutrition do not solve the problem. Understanding nutrition at right age and by each member of the family, society and the nation may make the difference. Ayuveda, the science of life focus on proper diet and even each religion, caste, country mobilize in search of good food and each doctor irrespective of pathy tell to consume healthy food.
Everybody wants to be healthy and productive and also restore the lost health. Nutrition still has the answer simply because what body needs is available in food. Only our mind can discover the right food suited for our body composition. This search is like touching the Himalayan peak. Nutroma site is also doing the same but with a difference. It has taken the aroma into account because they are also released from plants.
Research means rethinking, re-evaluating and re-applying and re-enforcing the basic fundamentals of life.

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