Diabetes Management

Management implies the awareness about the situation and get active to control up to desirable level. Diabetes management involves knowing about the optimal blood sugar level, right food and nutrients involved in controlling the blood sugar level. It does not appear in one day. It is a impact of genetics, poor diet, lack of activity and poor life style.
Food, exercise, meditation and medication are four pillars of diabetes management.
Blood sugar level is one of the key indicators for overall health. It is governed by a net working of hormones such as insulin, glucagon, epinephrine, glucocorticoids and growth hormone. It includes glands and organs associate with stress, hunger and inflammation.
Its fluctuation is unhealthy, undesirable and unfortunate in the long run. Fluctuation is common when dietary inputs are obscure, exercise regime is irregular or negligible and lifestyle is haywire.
It is so nice that nothing will happen instantly or may be in week or month if a diabetic person enjoys bowls full of ice-cream, sweets or potato chips and reacts that see nothing has happened. He or she keeps on enjoying life. One fine day that person may land in hospital for some complication that will be irreversible.

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