Weight Management

Weight management is a critically global issue. There are uncountable sites on food issues and most of them are talking of weight loss focusing on some success stories, supplements and so on. Here I would like to tell you that weight in Kg or lbs are just number. The body weight fluctuates very easily by the quantity of food you have eaten or the kind of food. Actually it is body composition (body fat and lean body mass) that determines whether body weight is going to harm you or not. Aesthetic appeal is a different issues associated with body weight.
Over the phone most clients express their desire to lose weight. Main reason was aesthetic appeal and a desire to get high appreciation. Very few were advised by their doctor. Usually people have strong belief for the food prescription of the doctors. Now doctors as well as some health freaks have found nutritionist or dietician valuable for food guide. However, people are finding some magic food that shed their weight overnight.
Most of them are ignorant about physiological mechanism of weight loss or weight gain. Some hit the gym; take protein powders and other weight loss formula without giving a second thought or after effects. Once they lose some weight, they leave taking healthy food, doing exercise and soon they regain the weight may more than the previous. Soon they become victim of vicious cycle.
Weight loss varies from person to person depending upon their metabolism level, activity level, stress level, food composition and the body composition. Usually young people lose weight fast because of high metabolic rate or it is due to consumption of high calorie food and doing desk jobs or low activity. However, if weight is due to some medication, hormonal imbalance, psychological issue, it may become a mammoth task. People have to sort out the health issue before they can enjoy benefits of weight loss.
Weight loss is easy when causes are consumption of empty calorie and sedentary life style. But weight loss becomes a herculean task for those who have insulin resistance, leptin resistance, polycystic ovary disorder (PCOD), thyroid problem, fatty liver disease and hormonal imbalance. High stress level, high body fat and high acidity level and high inflammation and slow metabolism in the body limits the fat burning and make losing weight difficult. Persons living alone, in PG or hostels where food choices are limited or determined by their attitude, peer group and availability of the food, it may be difficult. Packaged and processed food comes easy to satisfy hunger and appetite. Activity level is governed by their study hours, office hours and travel hours. Social media, (face book, twitter), video games, Google search online shopping, mall culture, late night on computers increase inactivity level exponentially leading to weight gain.
Lose weight not muscles. Weight cannot be converted into muscles. These are two different tissues. To gain muscles exercise has to be done to activate mitochondria to release energy to burn fat. Oxygen uptake is crucial to lose weight.

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