Nutrition Counselling

People in general are skeptical to consult the nutritionist. Common fears are she or he will stop you to eat your favourite foods, mom or wife is a good cook, why extra money; we will not able to follow for life; I am taking medicine but I can’t stop going to the parties; will see later and right now let us enjoy life. One day everyone has to die, so eat and die.
Folks I can’t challenge your thinking, we all are human and striving hard to best food and enjoy life. Why a nutritionist should put roadblocks in my way. You don’t eat aspirin until you suffer from headache because it is a medicine. But you eat the food daily in different meals. The food you eat is either governed by tradition or modern accessibility. Many a times you know that food habits are not good and harming your health. But you find no solution. One day you feel tired, get sick take medicine gets fine and the life goes on. Another day you find your wardrobe is a waste basket because no clothes fit you. Another day you has to go to the doctor who prescribe you a range of tests and you are shocked to see your reports.
Your worry forces you to consult more friends, family members, and other panel of doctors in order to find magic pill that can put you back in health and shape. You still don’t remember a nutritionist. Good nutritionist will advise you a diet plan as per your nutritional needs, age, work schedule, family cooking and eating style and more so as per you food preference. Don’t be nervous to contact

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